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Tues. & Thurs. Dance
Mon. & Wed. Step 


Sponsors and Donors

Become a sponsor or donate to our program.  
Our program is dedicated to helping young girls reach their fullest potential.  With our Pink Letter Program, we surprise one girl per month with gifts to make  them feel special and loved.  If you would like to donate to this fund, please click the button below and send us a picture via email so that we can put a face with a donation on our website. If you would prefer to donate items to this program, please contact us via email or phone for pickup or drop off. We love for our girls to meet their donors so that they can express their appreciation.
- Donate to our program to help pay for performance fees.
- Sponsor a dancer/stepper to help with back to school fee
s, christmas, and etc.
- Donate clothing, funding, trips
 for families, and etc. to help make our young ladies feel special.

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Program Information

Meet our Program Sponsors


Lisa Tunsil, Madame Sponsor
Certified Grief Counselor
- Marriage Counselor
- Author of "Jilted,"  book series


Jasmine Flowers
- Financial consultant, mentor, and Pretty in Pink Consultant

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